About Us

David Stidger

David is the founder and Chief Operator of Open Door LLC. David has a diverse background in working with a population of individuals diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). He has expansive experience in counseling, live environment vocational training, behavioral modification therapy techniques, and clinical administration. For the past 7 years David has applied these skills in working with individuals with ASD in a clinical and educational setting, as well as in naturalistic settings in the community. David has applied the evidence-based approach of Applied Behavior Analysis while working with this population in intensive one on one therapy and educational therapy.

It is through this experience he recognized a lack of resources for this population as they transition into adulthood. David is currently meeting this need through Open Door by providing a 1 to 1 ratio in vocational coaching, life skills training, and social skills practice. He has facilitated diverse partnerships with multiple community organizations, willing to allow on-site vocational training. In order to further the advancement of individuals with ASD to live a more full filling and independent life, Open Door was created in September of 2012.

“A door opened and I went through it.”- Temple Grandin

About Open Door