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Our businesses are the most important aspect of Open Door. We are looking everyday for more businesses to open their doors to an individual and a job coach. What an innovative way of promoting community support for your place of business! If you would like the benefit of pairing with Open Door and positively effecting someone’s journey to independence, please contact us.

Open Door is a Community Based Instruction and 1 on 1 Job Coaching Project that will pair individuals on the Autism Spectrum with local businesses.

With the help of a job coach, the clients will have an opportunity to volunteer or work for local businesses and learn significant job skills. The program will help them progress in their goals to reach independence, and provide them with the social and vocational tools to be a contributing citizen. The client and their job coach will visit various businesses for volunteer work placement or focus on one site on a regular basis, as part of the transition process to reach independent adult living. A client will come to your business and volunteer for an agreed upon time, under the constant supervision of their job coach.

As you may know, Huntsville, Alabama is grouped within the top three cities in the United States for individuals with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). The numbers are rapidly growing. These local individuals will now have a program to safely transition them into having independent work and functional skills to support themselves independently. Community Based Instruction and Job Coaching has been a proven method for transitioning adults with ASD into eventual job placement and customary community living. Vocational skills and live work exposure are crucial for these individuals to achieve the quality of life they deserve. A difference can, and will be made.

This will be a wonderful opportunity not only for the individual, but for local businesses to show their care, concern, and support for ASD. We need your help Huntsville. Please Open a Door for us, so these individuals can open a door to their future.

Businesses We Pair With

Huntsville Hospital

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“Employee Health at Huntsville Hospital was introduced to the opportunity provided by Open Door. Through this agency we have an eager young man assisting with scanning documents and filing records. With his assistance our employees have more time to focus on providing care rather than clerical duties. We would encourage others to provide an opportunity for these young individuals in the work place”.

Elizabeth Mardis RN, BSN, COHN/CM
Director Employee Health
Huntsville Hospital

Huntsville Public Library

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“The Huntsville-Madison County Public Library Archives have been fortunate over the last several months to work closely with two enthusiastic and hard working young people introduced to us through Open Door. Our archives serve as a repository for North Alabama’s cultural heritage and include several historic photograph collections that we would like to make more accessible to the public. We’ve recently begun the lengthy process of digitizing these collections and uploading them to our online archive, and the clients of Open Door have contributed substantially to that effort by scanning and organizing our materials.

We’ve greatly enjoyed the chance to work together with these young people, both because they’ve provided much needed help with our digitization project and also because their involvement highlights what a crucial service Open Door provides to individuals on the autism spectrum in this community. We hope to work with them often in the future!”

The Von Braun Civic Center

Schaeffer Eye Center

Clementine’s Catering

Legend Realty

Crestwood Medical Center

The Greater Huntsville Humane Society Kennel and Thrift Store

Madison Police Department

Crestwood Sleep Center