Open Door Services

Community Based Instruction and 1 on 1 Job Coaching

Open Door provides 1:1 ratio on-site job training and social support. We focus on the importance and usage of critical skills in a workplace environment. Interpersonal/Social competencies, communication, adaptive behavior/self-management, decision making, and environmental work exposure are all areas of priority for generalization of these skills to take place.


  • provide orderly environment and minimize distractions to stay on task
  • increase and promote explicit learning
  • decrease irrelevant information to focus attention
  • utilize the strengths of our clients to provide the best win/win situation for partnered businesses
  • guide our clients in a live work setting to promote community exposure, naturalistic learning, social exposure and self gratification
  • incorporate special interests
  • train clients in actual aspect of business
  • expose clients to working/socializing in proximity to others
  • expose clients to relations with authority figures
  • expose clients to respecting property, rules and regulations
  • teach clients to adjust to changes in routine
  • guide transitions between tasks